when the spirit of beauty takes physical form

a head for fashion.. November 20, 2008

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Mecca and Rahaana… November 11, 2008

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Having two little girls is the highest honor I have had thus far in my life…I find having children is the hardest thing you’ll ever love! They inspire me… keep me grounded…frustrate me…keep me laughing…make me look at life through their eyes…and it’s beautiful.  

You know GOD when life comes through you.


Protection November 6, 2008

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 The Eye of Horus( Wedjat) is the ancient Khemitic( Egyptian) symbol of protection and royal power from the deities Horus or Ra. This symbol is one that I hold close to me at all times. As Barak Obama was being elected our 44th president…walking out  to give his speech with our new first lady and their beautiful daughters I felt so very proud…..the next thing I felt was the need to protect them…not in a way that I felt danger for them…but, rather a place of strength and power. I send this eye of protection to the new first family… to watch over them… to give them more of the  strength that they already have… and to watch over their steps… because of this giant step in American history it’s a glorious time to be alive…and I love the fact that when the president speaks…I want to listen!


the beauty of my work… November 3, 2008

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…speaks for its self…but, somehow…people wanna hear from the artist!…and…well, I’m happy to oblige…I’m inspired by beauty…I see beauty in everything and just about everyone…so, as I enter into this

new realm of expression(blogging)…I will share what I find beautiful and what inspires me to create jewelry and whatever else spirit moves through me…